The most wonderful night of the year




The Semper Opera Ball is the largest classical entertainment event in German-speaking Europe and has become one of the most important ball events in Europe. Since 2006, the ball has been enthralling 2,500 guests in the Semper Opera House in Dresden and another 15,000 in front of the famous building, along with millions on TV screens across the world. Its composition of art and artists is unique in Germany, and the five-hour-long spectacular opening gala is broadcast live on TV across Germany and Europe. It will come as little surprise then that this unique event is covered by 200 accredited journalists. And the Semper Opera Ball is not just followed by national and international media outlets, every year top politicians and scientists, along with A-list stars from the world's of culture and entertainment, wait with bated breath for Dresden's big event. A thrilling programme, the spectacular debutantes' waltz, dance, music and high spirits make for a breathtaking night at the ball.

Our services:


To help you enjoy the night even more


Culinary highlights

Star cook Stefan Hermann from Dresden and his Bean und Beluga team bring their culinary highlights to the Semper Opera Ball. Guests with table tickets can look forward to an appetizer and main, followed by cheese and dessert. Accompanied by excellent wine, fine sparkling champagne and coffee drinks. Guests in the lounges, the fourth level gallery and the Fledermaus bar can enjoy a flying buffet.

Ballzeitung um Mitternacht

The midnight ball paper

This service is provided by our partner Sächsiche Zeitung: A ball newspaper is printed at midnight, featuring photos and interviews from the evening. A pleasurable read for all guests and a wonderful memento. The ball paper will be handed out by the VIP hostesses in the halls, or you can pick up your copy when you leave the opera house at the end of a delightful night.

Make-Up und Haarstyling

Make-up and styling

All ball guests are welcome to visit the elegant styling lounge directly next to the Fledermaus bar. Along with glamorous make-up and beautiful hair styling, the international team of top stylists' free service includes an eye for the little details that have the power to make your evening unforgettable.


Ball photos

PixelfotoExpress, a photo studio based in Dresden, captures lasting moments of an unforgettable evening at the Semper Opera Ball. The photos are displayed from midnight near the cloakroom and can also be collected on 4 February 2017 at the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski.



There are a number of multi-story car parks located near the Semper Opera House, for instance at Landtag or the Maritime Hotel. We recommend arriving by taxi to avoid any mishaps to your attire on the way to the opera house.


Repair service

Our repair service is available in the Semper Opera House's auxiliary building and offers immediate help to deal with any small problems with details on your clothing. The rooms will be signposted on the day of the ball.